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Path Program

The Path Program at BCLA serves grades 9-12 high school students who require specialized support in an inclusion setting, in order to be successful in school. Students in the Path Program have been identified as emotionally fragile and at-risk for school failure. These students may be coming from more restrictive settings, including psychiatric hospitalizations, home tutoring or from other school placements and are placed as a result of an IEP meeting. 

Students who benefit from the Path Program are students who are capable and willing to learn within the mainstream community with special services and supports. These students should be able to maintain consistent behavioral controls and adhere to the rules and expectations of general education classrooms. 

School services available include:

  • in-school group and/or individual counseling 
  • academic monitoring & support, including tutoring
  • executive functioning/organization support
  • crisis intervention
  • early morning and after school check-in and academic support
  • in-school respite
  • medication referral, monitoring, administration via school nurse
  • parent/guardian support
  • collaboration with outside agencies, hospitals
  • referrals to outside agencies for additional services
  • breakfast and lunch program
  • post high school planning college, job training

Students in the Path Program are included in the general education/inclusion classes at BCLA per their IEPs. They therefore follow the same course of studies as general education students. Path students are usually assigned one period per day in a supported Path study hall and/or a period in the Learning Center per the services listed in IEPs. In order to accommodate these services, students may receive a waiver for foreign language and do not necessarily access all elective classes (Strategies for Success, Chorus, etc.) to allow for provision of support services. All classes and extracurricular activities, however, are open to Path students.