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AIM High

Aim High

Since 2002, Boston Partners in Education has sponsored the Aim High Program at BCLA. In this program, a volunteer trained and supported by Boston Partners in Education provides free support to a student who:

  • requests it and is recommended by the teacher, or 
  • may have knowledge gaps that will make it difficult to pass a standardized test, or
  • is struggling in a course, or
  • is at risk for not graduating. 

The subjects for which tutoring is available include English, History, Math, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Students say that Aim High helps them achieve their goals.

For about an hour a week on Monday or Wednesday, the student comes to the Aim High room to work with the tutor on English & History or Math & Science. Although the student is not in his or her regular class because he/she is working with a tutor, the student is held responsible for the work missed in class. Focus on helping the student’s organization, understanding of assignments, and use of a structured approach to answering all parts of an assignment has made the program successful.