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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment


Dual enrollment is a program that allows high school students to simultaneously earn college credit that will also count as high school credit. Dual Enrollment courses offer an opportunity to take challenging courses and gain a jump start to a college education. Dual enrollment courses are full college courses given either on the college campus or taught by college faculty at an alternative site.

BCLA is collaborating with five colleges for dual enrollment;  Bunker Hill Community College, Fisher College, Suffolk University (new in 2019-2020), Benjamin Franklin Institue of Technology and Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Bunker Hill Community College

Students sign-up online. Students complete the Accuplacer assessment at BCLA or at BHCC to qualify for course placement.


Examples of Course Offerings: CIT110 Applications and Concepts, ENG111 College Writing 1, ENG095 Writing Skills 2, PSY101 Principles of Psychology, MAT097 Foundations of Algebra, SOC191 Principles of Sociology.  College level and developmental classes are available.

Fisher College (College 101 Program)

Students submit an application to take college course.   See Guidance.


Examples of Courses: BU101 Introduction to Business, CJ101 Intro to Criminal Science,  CM101 Intro to Mass Communication,  PS101 Intro to Psychology, MG220 Intro to Sports Management.


Students may take additional courses in the fall semester if they successfully complete their summer course.  Students can receive a large tuition reduction if they matriculate to Fisher College after high school completion.

Wentworth Institute of Technology                

Students sign-up through Guidance and take one college level course per semester.


Courses offered are generally required English and Math classes. Students who pass a basic course may be able to take additional more specialized courses in another semester.  Example: students who have passed BCLA computer science and BCLA advanced algebra may be able to take a computer science course at Wentworth.

Examples of courses offered: Comp1100-11 Introduction to Networks, Comp1000-27 Computer Science I, Math1000-01 College Mathematics, Math1750- 01   Engineering Calculus I.